Friday, March 30, 2007

The 'sins' of dating

Are relationships overrated? Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Can you really find your soul mate online, at a bar, or even a blind date? And then once you go out on a date with that special someone who pays for the finances of the evening? Do you kiss at the end of the night on the first date; are there really rules for dating? These are only the first steps to a relationship. How do you determine how long the dating process should be until the relationship is taken to another level? True love shouldn’t be that complicated, if you love someone that much there shouldn’t be any rule to what should happen in the course of the relationship. Many couples have certain rules, or “understandings”, in their relationship so that the other mate won’t get upset or cause an argument. I can say personally that I am an argumentative person and an argument can always spice up any situation, but why do people avoid saying what’s on their mind in the sake of hurting their lover’s feelings? Why can’t we speak our minds when something’s bothering us? If there is a problem in the relationship and love will never come in-between the bond that is shared then why is an argument considered a “bad” thing in the relationship? To me personally I feel that these questions are always on the minds of people, single or not. I love being in a relationship and I don’t won’t to hurt my other half, but at what cost? Do I always have to bite my tongue in order to salvage our relationship….