Thursday, May 10, 2007

Breaking Up

People all over the world are in some kind of relationship, and in that relationship the couple will argue about something. Sometimes these arguments can result into something very big and too much for one to handle. A result for these big arguments is of course the break up. Everyone has different rules for break ups, but how do you know what exact steps to take after your relationship is over? Well I found ten steps that you should take to help you in the process of getting over you ex.

One rule was that you should never call that person. I do agree with this because if you call that person you are just showing that you are desperate. And that is never a good way to get over someone.

Another rule was that you should never go out to places where you know your ex will be. This will just cause more drama and make you both feel uncomfortable, especially if you are not looking your best.

But the one that really stuck out to me was when she said that you cannot let your friends talk to your ex either. I wondered why it mattered, but then she said that your friends will just talk down to your ex. If they show their emotion towards the break up, then that will also show that you too are affected and are very upset by it.

Whether you guys ended the relationship on good terms or really bad terms, break ups are always difficult to go through the next day. You have to wake up without that person and not talk to them to help yourself to get over the relationship. Nobody can really help you get over an ex but you! But we all can agree that friends and family can always cheer you up. Or maybe even the ice cream man, which you must never tell anyone about, can help you forget about oh what’s-his-name. Just know that these rules were meant to help you, and not hurt you so go out and get over that loser….


Shannon said...

Tiffany, the points you have posted at so true. Some of the points made me laugh and then some of the other ones made me think. I enjoy reading your blogs every week and i think you give wonderful relationship advice. keep up the good work

Nadine said...

I really enjoy reading your post. They all have a bit of truth in the tips you give to everyone but yet you make them funny and im sure everyone can relate to one tip or another. When you do break up with someone you have been in a relationship with it is hard not to do something to make that person mad but i have found out that it what the person expects so if your nice and act like it didnt hurt you that much it will be easier to get over him and move on with your life. It will all seem horrible when it first happens but it gets better. Go to your friends when you need to talk to someone are things i have done to help get over a guy!

Derek John Boczkowski said...


This list is a giant paraphrase of someone else's list. Even though you link to the person, you are essentially passing their ideas off as your own. I'm afraid that you'll need to change your post--which can be a response to the list with items you would add--for the grade. Right now, it's a No Grade.

Derek John Boczkowski said...


Well done. Much better. Next time, try quoting the original author a little as you respond.