Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Other Lover....

Has there ever been a time when a thought may have crossed your mind about your partners loyalty? Did you ever think that the relationship was too good to be true, or somewhat fishy that they always had an excuse for everything. Every person goes through this at one point in their life, but how do you know if the love of your life isn’t the apple of somebody else’s eye…

You could:
1-call that person every 5 minutes just because you were thinking about them (or at least that’s what you’ll say because you don’t want them to know you just wanted to see where they were at, and what they were doing).
2-make unannounced trips to their house, since they are doing construction near you home and you just can’t stand the noise. And check to see if somebody else is over there also.
3-say it’s your anniversary of the first time you guys ate Mexican and want to take them out to lunch because it’s only right. And if they decline, then you know something’s not right.
4-go through their phone when they go to the bathroom after eating the Mexican food to see who they have been talking to, or meeting with.

But if you don’t want to become this secret spy on you partner you could also:
1-talk to that person and tell them that you guys should spend more time together because you feel like the relationship isn’t like it used to be
2-surprise them with something that they’ve had their eye on for a while but couldn’t get. This will show that you are considerate and want them to know that you will do anything to make them happy
3-tell them when you don’t feel comfortable about something, or when something bothers you instead of just keeping it to yourself. You may not want to start an argument, but some things need to heard/said.
4-try not to think the worst of your partner, give them some credit. They might be telling you the truth.

You can never really know if your lover has another on the side, unless you’ve seen it with your own eyes. Don’t listen to what anybody is telling you, listen to your heart. Just because you heard from your best friend that your honey bunch is loving someone else, don’t jump to conclusions because they could just tell you stuff because they don’t like them. Or maybe they want them for themselves. Whatever the case, communication is always the key to a relationship. You just have to know how to listen to your heart, and when a lie is a lie and the truth is the truth.

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Derek John Boczkowski said...

Very funny. Very nice, Tiffany. An extremely strong post. I like the construction bit.

Remind me to show you how to do a numbered list.